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This 6 week course will help build that brain-body connection to the core and pelvic floor that is often lost in the postpartum body.

Exercises will be progressed in a DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization) format, learning how to re-engage in different positions, similar to the way your baby develops his/her strength. 

You will receive 3 videos per week sent to your inbox. You will also have access to a private Facebook group to help motivate, inspire and hold you accountable. This mom thing can be very hard at times, it takes a village. Let us support you as you support your tiny human. 

You have the option to pay $147 for the 6 weeks, or you can upgrade to VIP for $347 which would allow you to have 2-45 minute virtual sessions with Dr. Katie to go over any individualized concerns you may have. 

The whole program can be done just using bodyweight, but if you would like to add equipment for extra challenge, I would recommend using bands, a yoga block or ball, and a light dumbbell or kettlebell.