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Pelvic Floor & Core Online Membership


Heres what you get! 

8 Videos a Month - Twice a week you’ll receive a recorded workout to your inbox specifically designed by the pelvic floor therapist.
      • These videos incorporate whole body strengthening with specific focus on the pelvic floor, core and breath work. These videos are intended to bridge the gap between making it to a class at the gym and having difficulty getting out of the house with a little one. 
        • They are led by a pelvic floor physical therapist that understands grading exercises based on pain, dysfunction, and the deconditioning that occurs in the early days of postpartum. These classes are meant to help build back strength in a segmental fashion so that you will not end up in pain down the road when you decide to start training for a race, or return to crossfit. You will have the tools you need to be strong in whatever it is you wish to do, even if that is just holding your baby without hip pain. 
        Access to FB Closed Group - This facebook group is meant to provide community to the mamas that are a part of the membership. While these classes are virtual, it should be helpful to know that there are women tuning in with you at the same time from places all over the country. This group will be a source of positive encouragement and answers to questions about all things “mom life”. The postpartum period can feel isolating at times, but we are here to support  you. 
          Discounts on Products - Mula Bandha Mama’s have access to 25% off the entire MB store for the life of the membership.