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Postpartum Power

Rebuild After Baby

A six-week training program to safely strengthen your body

Often women don’t know how to grade their own exercise, either making it too easy, which slows progress, or too hard, which can cause injury. These exercises are hand-crafted by a pelvic floor specialist, which are the same exercises she used to treat herself after having her baby.

Be as strong as you want

This course will help build the brain-body connection to the core and pelvic floor that is often lost in the postpartum body. 

Our deep core is meant to stabilize our body during movement. If our brain-body connection is not working properly, or if there is significant weakness in our deep core, we are really doing more harm than good. 

While the exercises in this program aren’t hard, they are very purposeful for getting our body back online with our neurological system.


I feel like I’ve recovered my body working with Katie and only wish I knew her during my pregnancies and right after. I recommend her to anyone whether you are pregnant or looking to find better function post pregnancy. It’s truly been empowering to experience a transformation as a mother and someone who loves a physical lifestyle.